The Psycho 48

October 18-20
| 2024 (see below!)


Psychos!  Check those dates!  Yes, a FRIDAY start, you spoke, we listened!  TO BE CLEAR, that FRIDAY start is ONLY for those of you riding the 48!  Everyone else starts on Saturday, as usual.  This change will allow the 48’s to finish with the 24’s instead of a day later!  I mean, if anyone deserves fanfare and glory…   See you all soon – Registration is open!


The Psycho is officially a RAAM qualifier!
One more reason to join us, you know, just in case you were considering a solo RAAM attempt…


To qualify, the 24-hour minimum mileage requirements for The Psycho are;
Women 60 and under – 370 miles
Women 60+ – 345 miles
Men 60 and under – 400 miles
Men 60+ – 370


Welcome to the Psycho 48! Two whole days and nights to ride your bike! How great is that?? Come join your fellow Psychos and ride as much or as little as you like. 50 miles? Fine, we’re here for you, baby. Your first Century? The first is the worst but we gotcha covered! 12 hours?…. Sweet spot ride, right there. Twenty four hours you say..??? Pssht, anyone can do that. Okay, 48 stinking hours?? Now we’re talking! YOU. ARE. PSYCHO!! And we LOVE you!!

Maybe you’re training for RAAM, maybe a race or a record of some sort; whatever! Come out and ride your bike and do your best!! Or your mediocre, all up to you, just show up! This laid back, grass roots riding event is one of the best you’ll ever attend – 2024 will be the fourth running of The Psycho and with your feedback, The Psycho is only going to keep getting better!

Eastern North Carolina is world renowned for it’s flat, smooth and quiet roads – a true riders paradise. Your biggest concern will be the wind and possibly cold – prepare accordingly! Oh yeah, there might be some critters too – you know, like cows, bear, deer, possum, raccoons, bugs, that kind of thing. You were warned.

The Psycho course is a 35 mile loop. Do as few or as many loops as you like. Click the link to download the route.

The route will be run in a clock-wise fashion allowing all right turns except for three; one at the start of the loop, one in Hobucken at appx mile 24 and one on the return to the start. Take these lefts with caution. The start and finish will be from The Psycho headquarters at 340 Seawell Loop – Bayboro, North Carolina 28515. You will see this location pinned on the registration map and on the course links. The course will be marked only with spray painted bright orange arrows and mile markers. The Psycho base driveway is gravel with soft grass along the sides, plan accordingly when you set up your support. Roll outs will begin at 8 a.m. on Friday with only the 48’s starting. Saturday starts will be as follows; 100 mile, 12 hour riders and 24 hour drafting – 8 a.m., 24 hour non-drafting and Open – 8:15 a.m.


There are five primary categories, this is not just for 24 or 48 hour Psychos – come ride as little or as much as you want. Officially you can sign up for the Open, 100 mile race, 12 hour, 24 hour or 48 hour. You will see all of the drafting/non-drafting, recumbent, velo and team options on the registration page. Awards will go to age groups (10 year until age 70), male and female and overall.

Cost…oh that. Yes, there is a cost. it’s a wee $95. Unless you’re doing the 48. Then it’s a wee $165.  The most painful $165 you’ll ever spend.  Promise.  Teams are a bit more.  But you knew that.

So much SWAG! Socks! Stickers! T-shirts! Oh my!! A jersey you say…??? TWO colorways this year – black or white.  My favorite two colors.  If you want a jersey, take note of the ordering deadline, Italy likes to take a long summer break…

There is ample parking on the property – fingers crossed that we don’t have a lot of rain in the days preceding as the parking situation will change if it’s wet. More discussion there as the time draws closer and we have a better idea of the number of participants. If you want to camp, no problem but know that there are no hook-ups for RV’s. Your generator won’t offend anyone, however.

This ride is out in the country! If you need accommodations, you will likely be staying at an AirBnB in the village of Oriental or New Bern. There are several hotels and B and B’s to choose from in New Bern. New Bern is about 20 miles from the ride start and always a quick drive.  No traffic shenanigans to worry about.


The rules are few; be safe, play nice and don’t get hurt.  Easy, right?  Okay, not quite that simple so here you go: WUCA ( has designated our little Psycho as the 24 hour North American championship.  How cool is that??  What that means for most of you is, well, not much!  For those of you that are signed up for the 24 Hour Non-Drafting, you get extra fame, glory and recognition if you win.  And a really, REALLY special jersey!  The rest of you can draft your little hearts out while throwing some love and support at those that are not drafting.  Please remember that non-drafting riders can not BE drafted either.  Oh yeah, ya gotta wear a helmet! (did I have to mention that??) And lights! Tail light day and night, headlight dusk till dawn. Reflective tape!  As much as you can – wheels, helmet, shoes! Do it!

Mileage and non-drafting will be based on the honor system again (probably, may change, stay tuned).  We don’t feel there is a need for on-course officials at this point. Your GPS will tell the story – keep it charged!

There will be no direct follow permitted on the course at any time.  However, at all times, there will be three or four event vehicles circulating with basic tools and supplies, bike racks, first aid and just general support.  SAG will not be carrying food or drink to be handed out on course.  Obviously if someone is in dire straits “out there”, that’s a different story all together.  No “dire straits” allowed, ya hear??

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